Menderes Municipality

Izmir Menderes Municipality

In order to make being from Menderes privileged, our mission is to transform the city into a healthy, planned and habitable place with innovative, technological and solution oriented methods to raise the life quality of the society through perfectionist and collaborative service point of view and to provide services to the stakeholders with a high quality and cheery approach. Until the last face becomes cheery…

An exemplary municipality that transforms Menderes into a modern and well planned city that can compete in all fields with tourism on the forefront; that can improve itself through sustainable development; that is integrated with its natural and cultural values and that turned itself into a brand by using information and resources effectively.

Justice: Our municipality predicates upon acting in a way that is in accordance with the rights and laws and protecting the rights of our citizens.

Trust: Our municipality predicates upon earning the trust of the citizens of Menderes, its personnel and other stakeholders’ trust and being  respectable.

Transparency: Our municipality predicates upon being transparent and accountable in teh rendering of public services.

Objectivity: Without any discrimination, all our activities are going to be planned and served on a needs basis.

Productivity: Our municipality predicates upon using its resources within the framework of effectivity, productivity and prudence principles.

Participation: Our municipality predicates upon ensuring social dialogue, contribution and ownership in the planning and provision of the services with a participatory approach through ommunicating with all parties and reachign a common point with the stakeholders.

Leadership: We predicate upon being a decisive, self-reliant, brave, entrepreneur, innovative, pioneer and leader municipality.

Accessibility: We predicate upon ensuring that the society can continuously reach decision makers either via electronical or physical means.

Urban Innovation: An exemplary innovative project that will benefit the regional society by providing a holistic and modern infrastructure system will be carried out.

Quality: We aim to ensure that the services of our municipality will optimally meet the needs and expectations of Menderes citizens.

Social Municipalism: We aim to carry out activities that stipulate the investments necessary to complete the infrastructural investments for providing aid to the unemployed and orphans, establishing social solidarity and integration and realizing socio cultural activities; and that strenghten the concepts of social security and justice that is weakening between individuals and social areas.

Problem Solving: Our municipality makes it a principle to produce solutions to problems within legal boundaries without hiding behind excuses.

Debonairness: Our municipality has made a cheerful and candid service approach its basic principle.

Team Spirit and Cooperation: Our municipality predicates upon its personnel to work in a team spirit by ensuring that the diversity of the approaches will become beneficial for the institution.

Being open to change: Our municipality makes it a principle to adapt to change, catch up with and apply the developments in order to meet the mission and vision expected from it.

Menderes Municipality is a local administration body that meetts the local and common needs of the society. The municipality, upon working effectively has the qualifications to assist the rapid development of the region. Municipal services are provided to the citizens in the closest place with the most suitable method. Disabled, old and poor people will prioritized in a suitable way in service delivery. The population of Menderes is 90.000. It is composed of 3 organs – The mayor, municipal council and municipal committee.