BIT MANAGEMENT-Bit Management Beratung GesmbH

Bit Management Beratung GmbH

Bit Management Beratung GmbH (Austria) is part of bit group the largest private training provider in Austria.

Since 1996  bit management Beratung GmbH is active in the consulting and training sector. In many national and international projects, we have worked together with institutions, organizations, companies and individuals to develop new and innovative training concepts and to support their implementation.


The main focuses of bit management Beratung GmbH are in the following areas:


  • Training and consulting services in the field of entrepreneurship: Since 1999, we are working with founders on the implementation of their business ideas and supporting them starting their businesses (consulting services, trainings, blended learning activities, mentoring, networking events,..)
  • National and international projects: Since the end of the 1990s we have been working as project leader or partner in national and international projects (InterReg, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus +, ESF, IPA, World Bank, etc.). The focus is on topics of active labour market policy, regional development and the development of new trainings and curricula
  • Consulting and training in the field of environment and sustainability: In 2015, Cleaner Production Center (CPC) Austria was merged with bit management. Core activities are environmental consulting and training (eco- and energy-efficiency, resource efficiency, waste- management, cleaner Production and sustainability) and the execution of the internationally awarded ECOPROFIT programme
  • Result-oriented, tailormade trainings in the fields of personality development, leadership, team development, HR-management, sales, project management, logistics, business management and economies, communication and trainer education
  • Academy for Nursing and Health: Since 2012, we are offering training in nursing and elderly caretaking


Currently bit management has 45 employees and a network of more than 100 national and international experts in the areas of management training and consulting.

As member of bit group we draw on the experience of more than 400 employees and a network of more than 500 experts, trainers and consultants in the fields of education, training and consultancy. bit group’s excellent work got acknowledged with several awards like the Austrian State Prize for Consulting, Comenius Medal, Constantinus Award, etc.


Since 2007 the whole bit group is certified according to ISO 9001. Since 2013 bit management holds the Ö-Cert (quality certificate for adult education issued by the Austrian Ministry of Education).